every kind of Disasters Covered at Oklahoma’s National Tornado Summit

The Oklahoma Insurance Department reports that national experts will percentageinnovative strategies in recovering from tornadoes, wildfires, flooding, hurricanes and more on the two018 National Tornado Summit to be held in Oklahoma City.


“This year’s conference will cover all disasters,” National Tornado Summit Committee Co-Chair Kim Decker stated in OID’s announcement. “Sessidirectly topics include nocturnal tornadoes, fastwater rescues, disasters at major sports and whin the beginning responders want to seek out out about entering a hoarder’s home during a disaster. this can be an overly exciting lineup.”

The National Tornado Summit gives attendees the datathey would like to most efficientprepare for and reply to disasters. Conference attendees include insurance producers, insurance adjusters, emergency managers, insurance regulators, engineers and meteorologists.

New this year, attendees can selectto awaitTIFIED Wise? training provided by the Insurance Institute for Business and residential Safety (IBHS). people who attfinishthe only-day workstorewill gain a wonderfulunderstanding of FORTIFIED building standards, which give the strongest and most crucial construction techniques for top-risk spaceswithin the plains and coastal states. The workstoreis open to waitees of the National Tornado Summit for a small additional fee.

For the sixth straight year, the Summit includes the National Severe Weather Workshop. The sessions organized by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) focus at the most recent breakthroughs in tornado forecasting, the developmentof latest standardized procedures for estimation of tornado wind speeds and the challenges of forecasting hurricane-produced tornadoes.

Attendees too can that you canur the National Weather Center in Norman, Okla. During an open house, attendees will explore the state-of-the-art facility and talk one-on-one with experts from the NOAa countrywide Weather Service (NWS) typhoonPrediction Center and the NWS Norman Weather Foredo away withice. The tour givesan up-close take a look at mobile radars, laboratories, surface-weather observation stations and more.