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every kind of Disasters Covered at Oklahoma’s National Tornado Summit

The Oklahoma Insurance Department reports that national experts will percentageinnovative strategies in recovering from tornadoes, wildfires, flooding, hurricanes and more on the two018 National Tornado Summit to be held in Oklahoma City.


“This year’s conference will cover all disasters,” National Tornado Summit Committee Co-Chair Kim Decker stated in OID’s announcement. “Sessidirectly topics include nocturnal tornadoes, fastwater rescues, disasters at major sports and whin the beginning responders want to seek out out about entering a hoarder’s home during a disaster. this can be an overly exciting lineup.”

The National Tornado Summit gives attendees the datathey would like to most efficientprepare for and reply to disasters. Conference attendees include insurance producers, insurance adjusters, emergency managers, insurance regulators, engineers and meteorologists.

New this year, attendees can selectto awaitTIFIED Wise? training provided by the Insurance Institute for Business and residential Safety (IBHS). people who attfinishthe only-day workstorewill gain a wonderfulunderstanding of FORTIFIED building standards, which give the strongest and most crucial construction techniques for top-risk spaceswithin the plains and coastal states. The workstoreis open to waitees of the National Tornado Summit for a small additional fee.

For the sixth straight year, the Summit includes the National Severe Weather Workshop. The sessions organized by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) focus at the most recent breakthroughs in tornado forecasting, the developmentof latest standardized procedures for estimation of tornado wind speeds and the challenges of forecasting hurricane-produced tornadoes.

Attendees too can that you canur the National Weather Center in Norman, Okla. During an open house, attendees will explore the state-of-the-art facility and talk one-on-one with experts from the NOAa countrywide Weather Service (NWS) typhoonPrediction Center and the NWS Norman Weather Foredo away withice. The tour givesan up-close take a look at mobile radars, laboratories, surface-weather observation stations and more.

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Harvey Survivors Critical of Texas Governor/FEMA’s Disaster Response Plan

Within the weeks immediately after Hurricane Harvey, thousands of Texans lingered in emergency shelters, small coastal communities scrambended in revive electritownand full neighborhoods sat swamped with moldy mounds of hoemployinginnards.


As greater than partone million families sought disaster relief aid and damage estimates surpassed the $100 billion mark, the Federal Emergency controlAgency worried that it did not have the potential handyle what was quickly becoming the los angelesrgest hoemployingrecovery attemptin American history, in line with Gov. Greg Abbott’s office.

So, Abbott tasked the state’s General Land staleice with a role that typicallyfalls to FEMA: running short-term hoemployingcoursesfor Harvey victims. That undertaking includes everything from lining up contractors for minor upkeepto securing trailers for displaced families.

Abbott, Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush and FEMA officials touted the unprecedented arrangement so that you can rewrite the nation’s disaster response playbook.

“we’re energized by the chance,” Bush told lawmakers in October.

But six months after Harvey slammed the Texas coast as a elegance4 hurricane and dropped historic rainfall on large swaths of the state, that duringitial public optimism has crashed against the actuality of toiletking to re-engineer an already-byzantine means of having disaster aid to hurricane survivors.

staffin Rockport repair waterfront condominiums damaged by Hurricane Harvey on Feb. 22, 2018. Eddie Seal for The Texas Tribune

greater than 890,000 families sought federal disaster aid within the three months after Harvey hit — including greater than 40,000 who needed short-term hoemployinghelp. Yet greater than 100 days after Harvey’s landfall, the overall Land staleice had provided short-term hoemployingto fewer than 900 families.


And by the point the GLO contacted greater than 33,000 families for the quick-term hoemployingassistancethey sought, those Texans had made other arrangements. lots officials fear an untold selection of people live in moldy, unrepaired homes.

the brand new process was delayed from the start: Abbott didn’t tell Bush’s office concerning the plan until 1ninedays after the storm’s Aug. 2fivelandfall — and at some point before the governor and FEMA officials publicly unveiled it.

Federal records recommendthat state officials almaximumimmediately had concerns that hiring and coaching the required personnel will require overtime.

“this system probably didn’t commenceas quickly as any folkswould have liked, however it’s new,” FEMA coordinating officer Kevin Hannes told The Texas Tribune.

The state-led plan was raising alarms from federal officials to boot. the dep. of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General said in a Sept. 2nine“controlalert” that because FEMA still hadn’t developed policies and procedures for the disaster recovery efforts, officials in hard-hit communities were forced to develop hoemployingplans themselves on a “disaster-by-disaster basis.”

“the factorisn’t anybody really understands how FEMa pieces,” Rockport Mayor C.J. Wax said at a Texas Tribune event in October. “while you do not know the way they work, then how can they perceivewhat our needs are?”

Six months after Harvey caused an estimated $200 billion in damage, greater than 8,000 Texans remain in hotel rooms and another 2,000 households have received temporary housing, this type ofs mobile housesand trailers. About 5,000 families are becoming fundamentalemergency upkeepdone to their housesduring the GLO, at the same time as30,000 others await such work to be complete.

Lawmakers grilled Bush concerning the quick-term hoemployingcoursesat a hearing in Corpus Christi days before Christmas. He pointed to fivechokepoints he said his office and FEMA were working to triumph over. But he also portrayed their efforts as a learning process in order to have long-term benefits.

“we expect we’ll have a stylel for temporary hoemployingfor the following storm,” he said.

That brought little comfort to officials within the coastal towns still scrambling to rebuild hotels and reopen damaged businesses in time for the tourism season that couldmake or break local economies.

“That’s important, but that puts my citizens because the guinea pigs,” Wax said.

Port Aransas Mayor Charles Bujan estimates that his town, where as much as 8five%of the houses and virtually eachbusiness sustained Harvey damage, might be about 40 %of the best way through its recovery.

With spring break simplyweeks away, the anxiety is growing in Bujan’s town.

“when you have 50,000 people are availableto town, wlisted here are they going to eat at, wlisted here are they going to stick?” said Andrea Gallegos, who manages an area RV park. “but once they do not come, how are we going to pay our bills?”

Neighborly Support

As state and federal officials struggle to get prior to the huge task in front of them, spontaneous networks of neighbors and charities have stepped in, buoying displaced Texans struggling to not wander away amid the collision of Mother Nature and American bureaucracy.

In Rockport, a frigid December rain thumped tarps, tents and trailers scattered across a wooded 3.fiveacres of los angelesnd simplyoff Farm to Market Road 3036. For months after Harvey rocked Aransas County’s beachfront communities, dozens of displaced families camped here, at what’s officially referred to because the Rockport Relief Camp at the north finishof town.

That number isn’t anyw right down to a few dozen people. however the camp remains the staging ground for donated pieces— from clothes and blankets to diapers and baby formula — that routinely get matched with residents who lost virtually everything they own.

“there are such a large amount of individuals in Rockport at this time living in a single room because that is where where the roof doesn’t leak quite as bad,” said Sam McCrary, who owns the los angelesnd on which the camp sits.

The 46-year-old’s catering or event business on the town, the Mermaid Kitchen, was destroyed by the storm. however the home she bought simplymonths earlier sustained little greater than shingle damage. McCrary received updates about her town’s extensive damage as she sheltered in Nacogdoches and choosed to displayher land that into the city’s lifeline.

“I contacted everybody I knew and said, ‘Hey, that is what i’ll do, sfinishme a fewmoney,'” she said this week.

After raising $5,000 in 24 hours, McCrary returned home three days after the hurricane came ashore with a travel trailer filled with bottled water, food, chainsaws and shovels — “Anything shall we call to mind that we knew people were going to wish immediately,” she said.

Within days, McCrary was serving meals to hundreds of individuals an afternoon. She estimates the choice of individuals stopping by for meals peaked at about 1,100 at one point. Before too long, people were encouraging her to run for mayor. She considered it. Then she thought again.

“i couldaccomplish more with what I’m doing here than i will be able to at townHall,” she said. “Out here I’m a toiletse cannon. I do regardless of the hell i want to.”

Crash Course in FEMa professionalcedures

When a organicdisaster strikes anywhere within the U.S., the 3 federal agencies that primarily oversee and distribute hoemployingrecovery money are the Small Business Administration, the united states Department of Hoemployingand concrete progressionand FEMA.

Gov. Greg Abbott announced thon the state’s General Land staleice would oversee short-term hoemployingneeds almaximumthree weeks after Hurricane Harvey. Abbott told the state agency concerning the plan at some point before the announcement. Marjorie Kamys Cotera for The Texas Tribune

The SBa professionalvides ownerslow-interest loans of as much as $240,000 to fix damaged housesand replace destroyed non-publicproperty and vehicles. gency approved greater than $1 billion worth of loans within the first two months after Harvey.

HUD oversees long-term recovery efforts that come with restrikingdestroyed housesand rebuilding damaged roads and government buildings. to this point, Texas is about to receive $fivebillion in HUD disaster relief aid. it is going to also receive a still-undetermined cut of $90 billion in disaster relief that Congress approved earlier this month, to be split’stween states and territories impacted by hurricanes and wildfires last year.

FEMA’s chief goal has traditionally been to offer short-term relief, including everything from hotel rooms and money for minor home upkeepto trailers where people can live until they receive government grants or save enough to rebuild at their very own.

Turning that job over to the Texas General Land staleice required state staffers to get a crash course on FEMa professionalcedures and regulations. Then the GLO needed to barter contracts with a number of entities, from FEMA itself to local governments to personcontractors who would commencerepairing houseswith minor damage.

it isuntransparenthow much the ramp-up period delayed getting Harvey victims into trailers, mobile housesor apartments — or how the choice of Texans currently living in or looking ahead to short-term hoemployingcompares to the six-month anniversary numbers of previous storms.

As thousands of Texas families remain displaced, the GLO is alin a positionengaged on a brand new disaster response handbokAbbott and Bush have promised. however the history of yank disaster response is suffering from unheeded recommendations.

a fewmost efficientpractices that grew from previous storms — including a recommendatidirectly to have government partnerships and vendor contracts in place before a disaster strikes — don’t have anyt been for Harvey.

“it kind of seems like any event tlisted here are lessons to be learned, after which we relearn them after each event,” said Brittany Eck, a spokeswoman for the GLO.

Local officials around the battered Coastal Bfinishhave fiercely criticized the Harvey response plan, which they blame for months-long delays in helping their displaced residents. however their ire isn’t aimed toward Abbott or the GLO. Instead, it isvirtually all interested in FEMA.

“they may have really well set you as much as fail,” Bujan, the Port Aransas mayor, told lawmakers in December.

Coastal Residents Weigh Whether to stick or Go

In Port Aransas, Andrea Gallegos, who lives and works on the quay Beach RV Park, can rattle off myriad hurdles she and her neighbors have faced in getting federal or charitable aid after Harvey tore through this Gulf Coast beach town.

Andrea Gallegos surveys damage to the quay Beach RV Rekind office in Port Aransas, greater than three months after Hurricane Harvey damaged the building. Gallegos lives and works on the RV park. Brandon Formby / The Texas Tribune

Even employinga maiden name as opposed to a married name on paperwork can gum up the method, she said.

“it islovelydesperate down here,” Gallegos said.

After being turned down for Red Cross assistance and an SBA loan, Gallegos was still waiting to listen to about her FEMA application greater than three months after the attention of the hurricane slammed into closeby Rockport. Gallegos said she needed to onlyify to the agency why her mailing adclothewas a post office box. or even after she explained, six weeks passed without a appahireprogress on her application.

“it isrepetitive, silly stuff to sweep you off,” she said. “i feel whon they’re looking to do, that is almostthe purpose, is to get you to only surrender.”

Harvey shredded Gallegos’ mobile home, which her family bought after selling their spacein San Antonio in order that they couldlive full time within the ir favorite holidayspot. Gallegos said she received simplyenough insurance money to repay the phenomenal debt at the destroyed home, but not enough to make a down payment on a replacement.

Luckily, she said, an area nonbenefitnamed housesfor Displaced Marlins gave her family $5,000 for a brand new mobile home. The charity was formed after Harvey and originally aimed to boost $400,000 to shop for mobile housesfor two0 families. By early this month, it had raised almaximum$1 million and helped 48 families.

together with her family in a brand new home, Gallegos’ worry turned to the remainder of the city. The typhoonshuttered such a lot of industriales that lots of her friends now not have jobs. Others did not have homes. Many had alin a positionscattered to start out new lives in places from North Texas to California.

“it issuch as you ‘re looking to run a tourist vacatidirectly town on 10 percent, if that,” Gallegos said.

But despite demolition crews tearing down damaged restaurants and hotels empty with the exception of construction workers, Gallegos said she and her family are staying.

“you’ll be able to’t simplywalk clear of an entire town,” she said.

‘We do not have a Clue’

State and federal officials have said it for months: For the recovery to succeed, it is going to wish to be locally driven. But up and down the Texas coast, mayors and county commissioners from the toughest-hit spaceshave repeatedly complained to state lawmakers about not gaining access to FEMa knowledge that maytell them what number of houses within the ir towns were damaged and what number of people were given or denied federal assistance.

“We do not have a clue,” Fulton Mayor Jimmy Kendrick testified at a committee hearing in December. “we will be able to’t inform you what number of individuals live here at this time.”

as a result of federal privacy law, FEMa standardly won’t offersureknowledgeto other agencies until their workersobtain a undeniable level of security clearance. and plenty of small communities that bore the brunt of Harvey’s winds do not have technology complicatedenough to store and shieldsuch a lot sensitive data— or the resources had to quantify and track the type of in intensitydamage Harvey unleashed.

“an area touch townlike ourselves, you do not have that expertise,” said Bujan, the Port Aransas mayor.

Meanwhile, the GLO’s agreement with FEMA prevents state workersfrom sharing the datathat local leaders are requesting.

“we will be able to’t exactly percentagethe standards in which applicants are being declined,” Bush, the los angelesnd commissioner, told lawmakers when asked why millions of families were denied assistance.

at the same time asBush’s agency can’t percentagethe reason why, it knows what number of people in each community were denied short-term aid, and that in order to assist local leaders quantify what quantity of money they’ll desirefrom HUD’s long-term recovery grants, said Eck, the GLO spokeswoman.

“in order that may be datathat, if we weren’t involved on this process, we do not have,” Eck said.

the los angelesck of knowledge hasn’t been local officials’ only source of frustration. At state legislative hearings, public events and that in interviews, they have got portrayed the FEMA aid application process as confemployingto people alin a positionliving with the tension of displacement and correctty loss.

San Patricio County Judge Terry Simpsdirectly told state lawmakers in November that turnover among FEMA staffers compounds the confusion.

“The faces staychanging, and while you get a brand new face, you are going to get anythingdifferent,” he said.

GLO staffers began recognizing slowdowns within the disaster aid process because the y learned a fewnd that implemented FEMA’s short-term hoemployingprograms, Eck said. as an example, one hoemployingrepair program’s damage threshold was preventing many Harvey victims from qualifying, and Eck said the the agency successfully got the edge lowered so more people would qualify.

Other hurdles haven’t been as straightforwardto triumph over. Eck said helping renters has proven trickysince they do not qualify for mobile houses(because they do not own property on which to place them) and locallandlords have resisted offering apartments to displaced people because one of the maximumfederal coursesprohibits them from running background checks on applicants.

“We found it was not a well-liked option,” she said.

‘it isOverwhelming’

Mario and Rosemary Zamorano are glad to be back in Rockport after Harvey forced them away, althoughthey do not want to be living in a mobile home. But after the estimate to rip down their place came in between $8,000 and $16,000 — it is a complete loss as a result of in intensityroof and water damage — they did not even attempt to figure outthe price of exactly rebuilding.

“while you commencethrowing around numbers like that, it isoverwhelming,” said Rosemary Zamorano, a three6-year-old mother of 5.

Their plan now’s to have Mario Zamorano, who works in construction, tear down what he can when he is not taking other jobs helping neighbors rebuild their very own residences, then hope to save lots of enough to rebuild.

“He has to work,” Rosemary Zamorano said. “We still have bills. It doesn’t come easy. we need to live everyday.”

it can be months or years before Texans just like the Zamoranos know in the event that they qualify for long-term hoemployinggrants.

After months of living with relatives in Corpus Christi, they were some of the basicfamilies in Texas to receive a mobile home through a brief-term hoemployingprogram thon the overall Land staleice is overseeing. Shortly after, they got a trip from Melania Trump, Karen Pence and a bevy of presidency officials and reporters who toured the Coastal Bend’s devastation.

Rosemary Zamorano wasn’t thinking about hosting the horde of officials, but she hoped it maybring attentidirectly to the continued pgentleof the townand their neighbors who’re still looking ahead to helpance.

“We’re grateful and thankful because we’re home now in a warm place, but what a fewll of the opposite individuals who’ven’t for whatever reason been capable of get the assistance they want?” Rosemary Zamorano said.

When Harvey struck, she said, “People all over the place the arena necessity to assist, but once the stories are gone, that prevents to boot.”

Earlier this month, Rockport celebrated a huge milestone: the five hundredth reopening of a business that closed after Harvey. That leaves about 800 establishments still closed. But business leaders are pushing to get 500 more businesses up and running before the top of the summer tourism season.

This season, they’re promoting Rockport as a spot where visitors may benefit from the beach and assistancefellow Texans muck out houses and hang drywall in shuttered stores. They call it voluntourism. McCrary, who started the relaxation camp, isn’t anyw getting her land that in a positionto host church groups and Boy Scout troops who plan to go to the townthis summer and assistancewith the recovery.

“If everybody did that, simplythink how a lot better the arena can be,” she said.

Up and down the coast, optimism is growing as more open and businesses come again in time for the tourists. Still, it can be years before life looks love it did before Harvey.

“it is not doubtlessto be one hundred pc,” said Bujan, the Port Aransas mayor. “it couldnot be. That’s simplyimpossible. simplymaking it nearly as smartas you’ll be able to, that is the toughest thing I’m having to take care of at this time.”

This story was produced partiallynership with the Ravitch Fiscal Reporting Program on the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.

Chris Essig and Morgan Smith contributed to this story.

Disclosure: the overall Land staleice has been a monetarysupporter of The Texas Tribune, a nonprofit, nonpartisan news organization that may be funded partially by donations from members, foundations and company sponsors. monetarysupporters play no role within the Tribune’s journalism. discover a whole list of them here.

The Texas Tribune is a nonprofit, nonpartisan media organization that duringbureaucracyTexans — and have interactions with them — about public policy, politics, government and statewide issues.

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almost670K Property Insurance Claims in Texas from Hurricane Harvey: TDI

Hurricane Harvey ended in almost670,000 in combined non-publicand commercial property insurance claims to privateinsurers, the Texas WindtyphoonInsurance Association (TWIA) and the Texas Fair Access to Insurance Requirements Plan (FAIR Plan), insurance regulators said in a giftatidirectly to state lawmakers in late January.

The Texas Department of Insurance said that number features about 354,000 residential property claims — including homeowners, residential and mobile owners— and about 203,000 carclaims. Around 37,000 commercial property claims, 66,000 flood claims and 12,000 “other” insurance claims even were filed because of wear from Harvey.


The numbers are derived from knowledgecollected by TDI through a knowledge decision to insurers issued on Sept. 21, 2017, and reflect datareceived through late October.

All property insurers in Texas, including admitted and surplus lines companies, TWIA, and the FAIR Plan were required to report on claims due to Hurricane Harvey, which made landfall at the Texas coast several times beginning on Aug. 2fiveof los angelesst year.

TDI said insurers reported $4.fivebillion in paid losses as of the datacall reporting date. at the same time asthe numbers are expected to switch as more claims are reported, settled, and shutd, insurers estimate that Harvey’s paid claims would total $15.7 billion.

versus 2008’s Hurricane Ike, which was largely a wind event, the majority of Harvey’s damage was due to flooding. nearly all of Harvey claims and dadid losses — about 90 %— generated from Houston and Southeast Texas (collectively Houston Area), and the Coastal Bend.

a few850 companies, or about 98 %of the entire property and carinsurance market in Texas, responded to the datacall, with 54fivecompanies submitting knowledgeon the top of September. the remainder of the companiessubmitted knowledgein mid- to late October.

at the same time asthe odds differ by line of insurance, TDI noted s of the reporting date, about 27 %of claims for every form of insurance were paid, or closed with a loss payment, 28 %were closed and not using a loss payment, 44 %were still open, and seven %were reopened.


The agency said a toppercentage of house owners insurance claims were closed without payment because, especially in Houston and Southeast Texas, much of the wear to residential property was due to flooding and residentialowners policies typically don’t cover flooding. ownerswill have filed claims under their ownerspolicy “to get a denial to use for FEMA assistance,” TDI said.

the typical claim quantityfor damage due to Hurricane Harvey to residential properties, excluding flood, is set $7,600. For flood insurance the typical claims quantityis around $80,000. For commercial property claims the typical is set $95,000 and the typical for carclaims is set $16,000, in line with TDI.

Auto Losses

About 6five%of vehiclemobile claims involved total losses, particularly within the Houston area. As of the reporting date 47 %of vehiclemobile claims were paid — closed with a loss payment. Around five%of the automobile says were reopened. On average, it has taken thirteendays for insurers to close toan carclaim.

greater than 90 %of the car losses generated within the Houston area region, which also saw the top average loss per policy, in line with TDI.

For all regions in Texas, the typical paid auto loss from Harvey is $19,943. the typical paid auto loss within the Houston area is $20,544 at the same time asthe typical paid auto loss within the Coastal Bfinisharea is $10,251.

TDI presented the result of its Hurricane Harvey data decision to the Senate Business and Commerce Committee on Jan. 23.


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Despite Upgrades, Thousands of Houston housesStill in danger for Flooding

almost9,000 housesand other buildings will remain within the floodplains of 4 Houston-area watermethodsdespite multimillion-dollar flood control projects.

Momentum built last month to complete the professionaljects on Brays, Hunting and White Oak bayous and transparentCreek after Congress appropriated $10.4 billion for the united states Army Corps of Engineers in particularfor flood control projects in disaster-affected spaceslike Harris County. the professionaljects include miles of widening, straightening and deepening waterways, in addition to digging out detention basins to remainsignificantly more rain and runoff inside the waterways’ banks and out of thousands of flood-prone homes, the Houston Chronicle reported.

But even after the professionaljects’ completion, the watermethodswill still struggle to contain floodwaters from storms weaker than those who’ve hit Houston all the los angelesst three years, in line with projects from the Harris County Flood Control District.

“There’s been no project, nor will there doubtlessbe any project, in order to scale back the flood risk to zero,” said Steve Fitzgerald, chief engineer for the flood control district. “there’s almethodsa residual floodplain.”

houseswithin the floodplains face the possibility of a so-known as100-year storm, a typhoonthat has a 1 %possibilityof occurring in any given year. Three floods prior to now three years, including one due to Hurricane Harvey, all reached 500-year typhoonlevels that experience a nil.2 %possibilityof occurring in any year.

The flood control district’s projections reveal that totally protecting Houston against what’s expected to be a growing organicthreat is held back by the restrictions of public funds and taxpayers’ willingness to pay.

“i’m of the unpopular opinion that goes, ‘we would like to pay uppertaxes, we must have upperflood insurance premiums,”‘ said Tamara Fish, whose Meyerland residential flooded in 201fiveand again during Harvey.

Fish said neighbors you should believe that professionalject Brays will completely solve the flooding, but she never expected the upgraded bayou to contain a ten0-year storm.

Fitzgerald said that despite the fact that housesremain at the floodplain after the professionalject, the volume of water houses tackle should decrease.

“we need to regulate expectations,” said Stephen Costello, the town’s chief resiliency officer. “we are not building a ten0-year channel, we’re building anythingslightly not up to a ten0-year channel. We’ll still have houses in harm’s way.

very wells reserved. This material is probably not published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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Texas Moves to Liquidate Non-popularAuto Insurer, Access

Texas insurance regulators placed into receivership and began the approach to liquidating a Texas-domiciled/Atlanta, Georgia-headquartered property/casualty insurance company thon the insurance department says is insolvent.

Access Insurance Co. is primarily a professionalvider of non-popularauto insurance and that is licensed in 22 states, including the 4states within the South Central region — Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas.

In its order of impairment dated March 14, 2018, without getting intoto detail the Texas Department of Insurance said Access is an impaired insurer and thon the corporate’s liabilities are more than its assets. Under the March thirteenliquidation order issued in a Travis County court, all policies not previously expired shall be terminated as of April 12. Covered claims on all Texas policies shall be paid by the Texas Property and Casualty Insurance Guaranty Association.

Access was founded in 1994 and distributed its policies through independent agents. in line with the corporate, Access is the fifth largest writer of non-popularauto business in California.

In early March, California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones ordered Access Insurance Co., to right away preventtransacting and soliciting insurance business that state.

The California Department of Insurance said the action Access’s Statutory Income Statement 2017 Preliminary (unaudited), which showed its policyholder surplus was negative $27.6 million as of Dec. 31, 2017, and that its Statutory Income statement 2018 Preliminary (unaudited) report noted its policyholder surplus was a negative $2ninemillion as of Jan. 31, 2018, and after the corporate also did not file its required yearly statutory statement.

In a separate, July 2017 order, California alleged Access and a few of its affiliates had engaged in imrightclaims handling, and that imrightrating and underwriting practices in violation of the California Insurance Code and the Fair Claims agreementRegulations. These actions are still pending.

South Carolina Department of Insurance Director Ray Farmer said in a statement released by his office thon the South Carolina correctty and Casualty Insurance Guaranty Association will work to hide valid claims filed by insureds in his state. He said Access had around 15,500 South Carolinan personpassenger carpolicies in force.

The liquidation order stays all other lawsuits against Access. Cantilo & Bennett L.L.P. of Austin, Texas, which has been appointed by Texas Insurance Commissioner Kent Sullivan because the special deputy receiver, will manage the liquidation process.

a press release agreeing to the liquidation order was signed by Patrick McMenamin, identified as president of Access Holdco LLC.

California Commissioner Orders Insurer to Halt Operations over Insolvency Risk

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TWFG Expands Flood Offerings in Texas via Lloyds of London Syndicate

The Woodlands monetaryGroup (TWFG) has expanded flood insurance products to the state of Texas partiallynership with syndicated members of Lloyds of London, the agency announced.

The “FloodPlus” insurance made givesuppercoverage limits, a much broader scope of canopyage, and straightforwardr flood definitions than existing policies that regularly left ownerswith large voids within the ir coverage gaps.

the present National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) limits coverages to $100,000 for contents and $250,000 for buildings, restricting ownersto restricted optionsfor his or her flood coverage.

FloodPlus can cover dwelling values as much as $1 million, reimburse for alterlocalaccommodations, and that insure unattached outbuildings without reducing overall indemnity. it is going to also shieldnon-publicproperty worldwide and staleer ease of administration, this type ofs no want to procure flood certificates.

TWFG will act as an entiresaler working with global insurance specialist Hiscox London Market, based in Bermuda. The agency became a Lloyd’s Coverholder in 2013.

TWFG will continue to offerthe NFIP plans to allowpolicyholders to make a selectionthe professionalducts that most efficientsuit their coverage and fiscal needs, consistent with TWFG’s service slogan – “Our Policy is Caring.”

a snappy FloodPlus check list is obtainable by Bunch to agents and customers duringTexas:

FloodPlus is out there statewide in Texas
Coverage is immediate – no waiting period.
Dwelling values as much as a maximum of $1 million
Other structures covered at 10 %of dwelling’s value
non-publicproperty featuresfrom zero to 70 percent
Worldwide coverage for private property

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Texas Towing Company Owner Convicted of Insurance Fraud

the shapeer owner of towing company was convicted of fraud in Houston after buying insurance plans after a wreck after which filing a claim with the inproperdate, the Texas Department of Insurance announced.

Mohamad Awad, the shapeer owner of Hemo Towing, was ordered to pay a $10,000 fine and received seven years or probation after a tribulation conducted by TDI with the assistance of investigators from the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

A Texas Department of Public Safety investigation found wad added coverage for a tow truck after a wreck. He then filed an insurance claim and lied about when the wreck tokplace.

Awad asked his workersto mislead regulateers and that investigators and create fauxdocuments to support the fraudulent claim.

Hemo Towing had offices in Houston, Midland, and Odessa.

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Former Texas Agent Gets Life Sentence for Insurance Scam

a sorter Lubbock, Texas, insurance agent has been sentenced to life in prison and ordered to pay back $810,000 to his victims, the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) reported.

Officers with the Texas Department of Insurance Fraud Unit found that Joseph Allen Gaines persuaded senior citizens in West Texas to buy annuities, however then kept the cash for himself.

Gaines came to the eye of TDI and the Lubbock Police Department when a 94-year-old woman’s family known asan insurance company to make sureher $700,000 investment. They were told there has been no policy within the ir mother’s name.

When Gaines was arrested in July 2016, TDI Sergeant Steve Richardson said Gaines “were a monetaryadvisor for this woman’s family for many years” and tokgood thing about her trust.

TDI’s investigation also identified other victims of the scheme. Gaines was charged with felonies in Swisher, Wilbarger, and the wayard counties. Several of Gaines victims testified on the sentencing in Swisher County.

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Title Insurer Amrock’s Lawsuit Backfires to songof $706M

An affiliate of mortgage-lending firm Quicken Loans Inc. filed a fraud suit to back out of a software take care of a hoemployingdata-analytics firm, serving the complaint at a industrydisplayin front of the beginningup’s customers and contacting the professionalject a bust.

A Texas jury didn’t buy it — and that instead punished the affiliate with a verdict of just about three-quarters of 1000000000 dollars.

Amrock Inc., which calls itself the largest independent title-insurance and valuation firm within the united states, accused San Francisco-based HouseCanary Inc. in 2016 of professionalviding “completely unusable” software for appraisal and valuation facilitiesunder a multimillion-dollar contract. Amrock’s attorney, Peter Wahby, didn’t pull any punches on the top of a six-week trial, telling jurors that HouseCanary’s code was like a car and not using an engine.

“that is not what we contracted for,” Wahby, of Greenberg Traurig LLP in Dallas, said in his closing statement to the court, in line with a transcript of the professionalceeding. “that is not whon they promised.”

But jurors didn’t see it that way. After deliberating for 3 hours, the 12-person panel this week unanimously rejected Amrock’s claims. Instead, jurors found Amrock actually tapped HouseCanary’s proprietary knowledgeand technology “with malice” to secretly develop competing software. In doing so, the jury found, Amrock violated a “strict” non-disclosure agreement, in addition to a 201fivemaster licensing deal between the 2 firms.

‘Exemplary’ Damages

the outcome stunned Detroit-based Amrock and that its lawyers: $706 million in damages were awarded to deal withCanary, dwarfing the unique $fivemillion annual chargemrock had tried to circumvent with its lawsuit. The jury included “exemplary” and punitive damages to punish the corporate’s conduct.

on the guts of the case was HouseCanary’s industrysecrets, which it describes in court papers as “highly valuable proprietary software, algorithms, models, data, reports, forms, knowledgesources, knowhow, techniques, and strategies when it comes to variousaspects of real estate valuation.”

the beginningup argues its facilitiesare so unique and beneficial to the induscheck outmrock and Quicken both sshould realize access to its technology under “the guise of licensing and business partnership,” althoughQuicken isn’t named as a defendant within the complaint.

“This verdict is a travesty of justice,” Amrock Chief Executive Officer Jeff Eisenshtadt said in an email. “Amrock will appeal and explore all avenues to make sure justice and sanity are applied to the realitys of this situation.”

Eisenshtadt blamed the end partially on a “proplaintiff law firm” that had “spun a distorted and twisted counterclaim narrative.”

But HouseCanary’s attorney, Max Tribble, said the topdamages showed the strength of his case. He said the award was particularly large because Amrock’s witnesses were repeatedly shown to be untruthful, with their very own internal documents used against them during cross-examinations.

‘Told the reality’

“The trial lasted see you later largely as a result of the lengthy means of professionalving point by point that just about everything they said was untrue,” Tribble, of Susman Godfrey LLP in Houston, said in a phone call. “the entire trial would have taken five days if everyone had simplygotten up there and told the reality.”

In Tribble’s closing statement, he sshould underscore the allegedly false testimony by reminding jurors about certainly one of Amrock’s claims — non-disclosure agreement between the companieswasn’t valid because Amrock — then referred to as Title Source — hadn’t signed it. But through the trial, he said, an indicationed version of the deal was produced by HouseCanary.

“that they had it the entire time, and yet they seem to be arguing on this situation ‘Oh, Title Source never signed it,'” Tribble told the jury, in line with the transcript. “I mean, how much of a waste of time? what number of days did we waste on that?”

HouseCanary boasts in court papers that its facilitiesmight assistanceavoid another hoemployingbubble by removing imrightvaluations, and boost benefitfor companieswithin the induscheck outon the similar time. That helped the corporate raise $68 million from investors including Alphabet Inc. Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt’s family office, former Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker’s PSP Growth/PSP Capital and Alpha Edison.

Quicken Statement

Amrock is a unit of Detroit-based Rock Holdings, which owns companies including Quicken and coffeeerMyBills. Quicken said in a press release that neither it nor Rock Holdings were subject to liskillwithin the case.

“Quicken Loans and Rock Holdings Inc. were never a celebration to the contract at factorand there has been never a single claim filed against Quicken Loans or Rock Holdings, Inc. on this lawsuit,” in line with the statement.

at the los angelesst day of trial, after Tribble reminded the jury of what he known aslie after lie after lie, Wahby urged jurors to rigorously think abouthis argument too, comparing the dispute to pancakes made with batter that’s slightly too thin.

“regardless of methodsthin that pancake gets, regardless of methodsrunny you are making it, there’s almethodsa second side to that pancake,” he said. “there’s almethodsa second side.”

The jury flipped the pancake.

The case is Title Source Inc. v. HouseCanary Inc., 2016CI06300, 73rd Judicial District Court of Bexar County, Texas (San Antonio).

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Oklahoma County Settles Suit Over Killing of Unarmed Black Man for $6M

An Oklahoma county can pay $6 millidirectly to settle a federal civil rights lawsuit filed by the family of an unarmed black man who was fatally shot by a white former sheriff’s reserve deputy, in line with court documents filed on March 9.

Tulsa County commissioners on Feb. 26 approved the agreementwith the estate of Eric Harris, who was fatally shot in a Tulsa street by ex-volunteer deputy Robert Bates during an illegal gun sales sting. Harris was alin a positionbeing restrained by deputies when Bates shot Harris. a part of the incident was captured on a camera mounted in a couple of a deputy’s glasses.


The 76-year-old Bates, who said he confused his stun gun together with his handgun when he shot Harris in April 2015, was convicted of second-degree manslaughter. He was released in October after serving not up to partof his four-year sentence. Bates asked a state appeals court this week to rehear an appeal he lost last month.

“this couldsfinisha multitudeage that neverybody gets away with it,” said Harris’ brother, Andre Harris, in an interview. “i am hoping this (settlement) is a deterrent.”

Guy Fortney, an attorney for Bates, didn’t immediately return a multitudeage looking forcomment at the settlement.

Sheriff Vic Regalado said in a press release he believes the agreement“will permitthe approach to healing to continue for the Harris family, the citizens of Tulsa County and the exertionsing women and men of the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office.”

Harris family attorney Dan Smolen said Harris’ legacy brings hope for “a fewmeasure of justice and accountability” when a law officer “violates the bests and takes the lifetime of an African-American citizen.”

“Eric’s death, and the professionalfound government corruption uncovered within the wake of his death, served as a major warning cinterested in Tulsa,” Smolen said.


The Harris shooting drew thousands of county residents to petition for a grand jury to speculateigate allegations that Bates was unqualified to operate a deputy but kept at the force as a result of his friendship with indicted ex-Sheriff Stanley Glanz.

Glanz, a fishing buddy of Bates, was indicted in September 2015, accused of failing to release a 200nineinternal report that raised serious concerns about Bates’ skillto do its job.

The memo, which was leaked to reporters within the weeks after Harris was killed, alleged superiors knew Bates did not have enough training but pressured others to seem the opposite direction as a result of the rich insurance executive‘s relationship with the sheriff and closeties to the agency, which come withd donating thousands of greenbacks in cash, carsand gear to the dep..

Glanz eventually pleaded no contest in 2016 to a charge of refemployingto pertype official duty for not freeingthe two00ninetraining memo on Bates and was sentenced to a year of prisontime, which was suspended.

Harris’ death also uncovered a law enforcement agency in disarray.

Consultants hired by the county issued a scathing 238-page report found thon the sheriff’s office suffered from a “system-wide failure of leadership and supervision” and said the agency were in a “perceptible decline” for greater than a decade.

Shortcomings in its reserve deputy program were simplyprobably the most-visible symptomsof hassleinside the agency, it said.

at the same time asAndre Harris told the AP he was glad for a suitetlement, he doubted whether it maytruly improve long-simmering tensions between black residents in Tulsa and the police. Those date to a 1921 race riot by which hundreds of black residents were killed and thousands more injured.

“it isunhappyto mention, but this (settlement) ain’t going to save youthis,” he said. “it mayslow it down, but i don’t believe the connection between law enforcement and African-Americans goes to head afar more than a $6 million settlement.”


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